Secure Workflow Automation Software for Government Agencies

Secure Workflow Automation Software for Government Agencies

Government organizations have many incredibly difficult workflow challenges that can seem almost impossible to solve. Fortunately, due to advances in technology, many government workflow problems can be effectively solved with software solutions. Here’s what employees of the State and Federal government should know about workflow automation software for government and how it can help overcome even the most baffling of challenges.

Major Government Agencies of the Pacific Northwest 

The Pacific Northwest has many important government organizations with extensive responsibilities. These responsibilities require an efficient workflow that can be amplified by software automation solutions. 

The city government of Seattle has intensive workflow needs that can best be addressed using the same software. They also have many separate segments including, utilities, housing, and others.

Bigger yet is the government of the state of Washington that operates on an even larger scale and has more complex workflows due to the added reach and responsibilities. The state government has a vast array of agencies including the following:

  • Department of Agriculture
  • Department of Aviation and Transportation
  • Board of Registration for Architects
  • Commission on Asian Pacific American Affairs
  • State Building Code Council
  • Economic Development Commission
  • Housing Finance Commission
  • Health Department
  • Commission on Judicial Conduct
  • Wine Commission
  • Veteran Affairs

All of these organizations and those like them across the Pacific Northwest are in dire need of workflow improvement software that facilitates automation of essential tasks.

Why Automation Is Beneficial and Why it Needs to be Secure

Automation isn’t just beneficial anymore, it’s a necessity. The amount of time that automation can save adds up quickly leading those who still operate without taking advantage of automation are lagging behind their competitors. It is as true in business as it is in government.

In fact, with more public scrutiny than most corporations, the advantages of automation - transparency, service speed, and privacy and security, there’s a lot more at stake when it comes to governments.

Automation can free up pesky bottlenecks and keep the workflow relatively fluid, increasing productivity and maximizing the effectiveness of every employee.

Benefits and Solutions, Software for Government Workflow Automation

City governments, including Seattle, Washington with their Innovation & Performance team , have all embraced workflow solutions through the application of the software. These are only a few of the municipal governments who have been enjoying the benefits of workflow software and serve citizens better at a lower cost. 

Improved Workflow

It’s more important than ever for government organizations to improve their workflows, as an alarming 36% of people perceive government workflow as effective. In contrast, 52% believe that private businesses have an effective workflow. The level of disparity is unacceptable-governments need to improve workflow to change public perceptions. The easiest and most effective way to do this is through software. Here is what software solutions like those offered by Kelley Imaging can do to help optimize government workflow through automation. 

  • Enhance a Firm’s Security
  • Reduce Costs and Solve Bottlenecks in the Organization
  • Improve Services Through Improvements in Workflow and Automated Tasks

These advantages are becoming more of a necessity than a luxury as the global market becomes more competitive by the day. Here is a breakdown of what else the software has to offer.

Substantial Cost Savings

Governments who invest in workflow software save money by reducing costs. The software achieves this by increasing efficiency and highlighting areas for improvement.

Better Service

Better Service is one of the most important advantages of using workflow automation software in governmental organizations. The workflow improvements afforded by the software make it possible to serve taxpaying citizens more effectively.

Workflow automation software can facilitate such advantages as enforcing compliance over a wide range of activities. Being able to automate compliance verification is vitally important.

Kelley Imaging, the Right Choice in Software for Government Organizations

Government agencies need a partner they can trust with their business, and Kelley Imaging is one of the most trusted names in the Pacific Northwest. Their service is unmatched in quality and the competitive pricing they offer makes the decision easy. Government organizations should go with Kelley Imaging to optimize their workflow through superior automation software. Get the first-in-class service that the private sector has to offer.

Don’t hesitate, call Kelley Imaging today and ask about their workflow automation software solutions, and watch workflow productivity skyrocket!

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