Simplify Mailing with SendPro® Mailing Software by Pitney Bowes

Simplify Mailing with SendPro® Mailing Software by Pitney Bowes

If you’ve got a small or medium-sized business, you know how difficult it can be to manage all aspects of your mail processing workflow cost-effectively.

Your mailroom is a connection between you and your customers and, in some cases, between you and other branches of your business. Optimizing mailroom operations can increase profitability, enhance business and customer relationships, and guarantee better workflow and use of employee time.

Fortunately, Pitney Bowes has developed a state-of-the-art mailing software system that provides businesses with all-in-one solutions for sending packages and flat mail to allow you to create a fully automated solution for your shipping and sending needs.

If you need additional capabilities, they’ve paired this new software with a cutting-edge desktop machine that can further assist your business in bringing the entire mailing process in-house for the highest level of security and cost savings.

Meet the SendPro® Mailing Software Family

Pitney Bowes SendPro® Mailing Software systems allow businesses to simplify shipping, process mail accurately and quickly, and track and control shipping options. There are three options for small and medium-sized businesses, with additional possibilities if your business grows even larger.

Whether your business is an occasional shipper or whether you ship hundreds of items per day, you’ll find a Pitney Bowes solution that will perfectly match your shipping and mailing needs.

SendPro® Online

The SendPro® Online automated shipping system is the perfect instrument to keep your mailroom organized, streamlined, and cost-effective — whether you’re sending large packages, overnight mail, or bulk letters.

This easy-to-use software system allows you to compare carrier rates among USPS®, FedEx®, and UPS® right inside the system, so you’ll always know the most cost-effective way to send. This will also reduce employee trips to the post office, for fewer workflow interruptions.

For even more ways to save, SendPro® Online system offers discounts you can’t get when you cart your mail to the post office — like up to 40% off of USPS Priority mail serves and up to 5¢ off of every letter.

SendPro® Online also features a built-in tracking system that allows you see how much you’ve spent on shipping to-date, as well as monitor the progress of letters and packages as they move toward their intended destinations.

For the ultimate convenience, you’ll be able to print carrier-approved mailing labels from your desktop printer and be able to delay payment on qualifying packages with their flexible payment program.

Finally, supported and discounted third-party services are available in the app marketplace to make expanding and fine-tuning your system simple.


If you send a lot of packages or if your business is on the fast-track and growing steadily, you may want to consider the enhanced capabilities of the SendPro®+ mailing system.

Unlike SendPro® Online, SendPro®+ allows you to weigh packages accurately on the neatly integrated 15 lb. scale to get immediate shipping costs. This eliminates second-guessing overall shipping costs or, worse yet, overpaying for postage.

Additionally, the SendPro®+ is fully equipped with a SendPro® Online subscription, so you get all the benefits of SendPro® Online plus additional capabilities inherent in a desktop machine, such as:

  • The ability to process up to 65 letters per minute
  • Semi-automatic envelope feeding for fast processing
  • An integrated, fully compliant shipping label printer
  • Pre-loaded apps to further optimize workflow and processes
  • The ability to print activity reports directly from the device
  • LAN or Wi-Fi connectivity
  • High-level analytics
  • Ink replenishment at a 20% discounted option

The SendPro®+ comes fully equipped with a welcome kit that includes ink, labels, and a sealer to make set-up effortless and stress-free. Plus, the standalone machine comes with an optimized design that requires less desk space for greater versatility.

SendPro® for Enterprises

SendPro® for enterprises is the perfect solution for your growing business. Whether you have just a few or hundreds of office locations, this software will allow you to manage and track all of your mailing expenditures across your entire enterprise for the highest cost savings possible.

Because this mailing system resides in the cloud, it can easily monitor and track the sending workflow of every department across all locations for increased efficiency and greater cost-effectiveness.

Automated chargebacks allow you to allocate shipping expenses to individual departments or client accounts to streamline your shipping workflow and optimize resources.

Let a Kelley Imaging expert help you implement the right mailing and shipping process for your business so you can take steps toward process optimization and cost savings now.

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