The Xerox Versant 180 – A Critical Business Timesaver

The Xerox Versant 180 – A Critical Business Timesaver

Whether printing brochures, booklets, postcards, or magazines, time is of the essence.

Professional printing press orders of this sort usually large, on the other of thousands of units per day. Printing press service operators who need to meet strict deadlines have to place priority on printing presses that deliver high quality materials quickly.

The Xerox Versant 180 is an attractive option for exactly that reason. Xerox designed this printing press to deliver attractive, high quality materials faster than any similarly sized press on the market. The approach behind its feature set is focused on reducing the amount of time individual employees need to ensure the proper calibration and production of bright, vivid paper print materials.

Through heavyweight stock calibration and automated color management tools, this device is guaranteed to save press time and make higher monthly production quotas possible.

Heavy Paper Stock is Not a Problem

Whereas competing printing presses slow down whenever you feed them heavy stock, the Versant 180's performance speed of 80 pages per minute applies to even 350 gsm stock weight. This is part of Xerox's All Stocks Rated Speed performance package – and it's true.

Xerox designed the press mechanism of the Versant 180 to operate at 80 pages per minute indifferent to the size of the card stock or substrate used. This innovative technology eliminates the need for print houses to favor smaller stock in order to meet production quotas – you can now choose any stock you wish.

But the physical speed of the printing mechanism is just one aspect of the Versant's time-capabilities. In fact, it has a whole set of features designed expressly for the purpose of reducing time spent on low-impact printing press work. This level of automation surpasses the industry standard – giving you an edge over your competitors.

Automated Color Management Software (ACQS)

Until now, operators had to carefully manage printing press colors manually, or use expensive specialized handheld hardware for the job. Xerox has incorporated automated color management into the Versant 180 printing press, using a combination of state-of-the-art software and integrated hardware.

The ACQS system automates the time-consuming process of printing and measuring calibration charts. Now, a press operator needs only initiate the process – the Versant 180 will resolve its own complex decisions about color maintenance, refer to its own calibration charts, and calculate its own precise adjustments to color tables using the results it generates.

The Versant 180 is able to do this because it features its own proprietary inline spectrophotometer. This functionality is bundled in the device's standard hardware systems, directly on the paper path. It measures spectral data as paper moves through the system and it delivers that data to the ACQS so that color management can occur, automatically, in real-time.

This can save hours of project time when compared to operator-intensive manual processes. Managing color has been a costly, time-consuming process since the early days of print – especially when due to human error. Automating this process turns color management into a painless experience for any operator.

User-Replaceable Parts Eliminate Downtime

Xerox parts are well-known as some of the print industry's most robust, but nonetheless, high-volume work environments will take their toll on even the toughest machines. Production downtime can be disastrous for a printing press shop, yet many printing presses are not user serviceable.

With the Versant 180, this has changed. Xerox has redesigned many of the machine's internal assemblies to be user-replaceable. This minimizes the threat of downtime and empowers users to take decisive action without having to wait for service technicians.

For example, other printing presses require professional disassembly for access to the compact belt fuser, which will typically deform over time. The Versant 180 uses a flat fuser pad with a large surface contact area and two heat rolls for consistent fusing while reducing the number of moving parts in the process. However, should the device break down, any user can remove the entire assembly and replace it without having to resort to a service call.

By incorporating newly user-serviceable parts, Xerox enables printing press shops to be better prepared for obstacles on their path to success. Even when important parts break down, users have the resources they need to get their printing press working again as quickly as possible. The Versant 180 shows how Xerox devices help its customers be more time- and cost-efficient than ever before.

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