Transforming to a Digital Healthcare Practice with Xerox

Transforming to a Digital Healthcare Practice with Xerox

Healthcare facilities enjoying the benefits of Xerox equipment should take the next step in productivity enhancement, managed services. These services can provide key advantages in healthcare environments that will allow them to focus more on patient care with other routine tasks being either automated or simplified. There are two types of managed services that improve healthcare efficiencies, reduce costs, and simplify workflows:

Managed Network Services

Healthcare networks are vulnerable to hackers who target them for the valuable medical information that they protect. Hancock Health was breached and the hackers demanded a bitcoin transfer to restore functionality to the hospital's systems. Protecting patient information is a serious responsibility enforced by strict regulations like HIPAA.

While many healthcare facilities have HIPAA regulations down pat, cybersecurity was never meant to be a primary skill for healthcare professionals. A professionally managed network service can make a huge difference and takes care of data security in the background so that operations can flow seamlessly without interference.  Kelley Imaging provides high-grade network security and other services that can optimize healthcare facility networks to increase productivity. 

Managed Print Services

Another key advantage of healthcare facilities is managed print services. They can make significant reductions in operational expenses by reducing the cost of ink and other printing supplies. By utilizing the cloud, companies can improve workflow by shifting to digital documents.

Moving physical documents around takes more time, and with the exception of special circumstances is less effective overall.

Managed service leaders like Kelley Imaging can also help healthcare facilities assess their printing equipment and identify which devices to repair and which ones to replace. The expertise is designed to help reduce costs and keep facilities running smoothly.

Preventative maintenance is one of the key advantages of having a managed print service for a healthcare facility. A professional managed print service like Kelley Imaging can reduce the workload on in-house IT departments, freeing up time for them to work on more essential tasks.

Become a Fully Functional Digital Healthcare Practice with Kelley Imaging

Kelley Imaging has the Xerox equipment that healthcare facilities need to keep up with the future. Get the best deal on Xerox equipment with Kelley Imaging, the most reliable vendor in the Pacific Northwest.

Not only are their prices remarkably conservative, but their superior service is also indicative of how seriously they take their customers. Kelley Imaging understands the healthcare business and is here to help facilities get the edge they need to give their patients the best possible service.  

Get in touch with Kelley Imaging right away and learn about how healthcare facilities can benefit from Xerox equipment. The future doesn’t wait for anyone, be a part of it with Kelley Imaging!

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