Using Reprographics to Improve Your Brand's Image

Using Reprographics to Improve Your Brand's Image

In today's business environment, branding takes more effort than ever. Whereas previous generations could rely on traditional branding techniques, the behavior of hyper-connected online consumers requires modern companies and organizations to remain vigilant about their brand image.

This makes branding an intimidating subject for executives and small business owners alike – especially those who work in industries that aren't as flashy and brand-ready as fashion or tech. But there are branding strategies that anyone, in any industry, can use to generate leads and attract new customers.

The most important aspect to remember is that branding is an opportunity, not a setback. The ability to demonstrate the value of your company's products or services is important regardless of what industry you work in.

The truth is that no business is too boring for branding. The benefits of creating a powerful brand resonate throughout the entire buying cycle, encouraging new customers to seek you out and try your products or services.

High quality reprographics can help you achieve those results, but first you need to come up with a brand identity that represents your company values. Only then can you create graphics that express those values to customers.

Plan Your Branding Graphics Around Your Brand Message

One of the most common mistakes that companies make is thinking about branding solely in terms of visual appeal. While the visual aspect of your brand is hugely important, marketing professionals know that the branding conversation starts in a more abstract space – your company's mission, personality, and goals.

These characteristics inform the decision-making process that goes on behind choosing your logo, tagline, and other elements of your brand image. If you start the branding process by thinking of a logo and then work out what it stands for afterwards, you're working backwards. Unsurprisingly, this happens very frequently.

If your business makes products or services for public consumption, then your brand message should address the public. On the other hand, if your business specializes in serving the needs of a niche – like other businesses in a specific industry, or professionals like doctors and lawyers – then your brand message needs to address them specifically.

This type of thinking produces the information that will fuel the decision-making process when it comes to branding graphics. At that point, you are ready to consider how high-quality reprographics can make that message stand out.

Your Reprographics Choices Reflect the Value of Your Brand

Once you know who your branded messaging is intended for, and what kind of brand imagery best addresses their needs, you can plan your branding strategy around more concrete decisions. One of these concrete decisions is the use of reprographics printing and the type of printing to use.

Reprographics printing is a broad field, covering everything from architectural prints to vinyl stickers and sandwich board-style signs. Modern philosopher Marshall McLuhan is famous for saying, "the medium is the message", which applies as meaningfully to branding as it does to art and entertainment.

In terms of using reprographics for branded messaging, the quality and value of your company's products or services need to match the quality and value of the brand message and the medium that expresses it.

These distinct things all work together to form an impression in consumers' minds – that impression is your brand.

Develop Reprographics Templates and Establish Physical Presence

The branding process of every business is unique, because every business has a unique customer base. But there are certain truths to operating a 21st century business that apply across the board.

One of them is the need for physical presence. Even if your actual business operates in a predominantly online space, establishing a physical presence helps you build authority and credibility – which is more important than ever in an increasingly digital world.

Public-facing companies can use reprographics templates to quickly and easily establish branded consumer touchpoints in their local vicinity. Specialty companies like those in the B2B space can do the same, but only with a greater customer focus and with higher quality imagery.

For instance, outdoor vinyl signs are very popular with both retailers and B2B businesses because they establish authority and presence. But nobody can control the weather, and a dirty, damaged outdoor sign badly affects the credibility of your brand. A weatherproof sign that resists moisture and damage will give your brand a more authoritative boost than a cheaper alternative.

Outdoor vinyl signs, retail banners, and even vinyl stickers all carry your brand's message in them. The quality of the reprographics process used to create these items matters because it reflects the value of your message. Invest in quality branding materials and you will attract the customers you are looking for.

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