What Are the Benefits of a Document Management System for My Business?

What Are the Benefits of a Document Management System for My Business?

Document archival, storage, and retrieval is an important – and often costly – part of any business process. In a traditional office setting with paper documents stored in metal filing cabinets, workers can spend up to 4.5 hours per week just looking for documents.

Add in the productivity cost of having employees recreate documents that they can’t find, and you have a compelling argument for keeping your document management system as organized as possible.

Whether your current office relies on paper or has fully undergone digital transformation, modern document management solutions can improve employee workflow and productivity.

Organizations that still rely on paper-oriented processes need to dedicate office space to document archival. In most large American cities, renting office real estate costs between $23 and $75 per month per square foot. A single five-drawer filing cabinet takes up at least three or four square feet, making them an expensive and entirely avoidable office fixture.

The key to success in today’s business environment is leveraging technology towards making workflows and processes as efficient as possible. The first step towards this goal is reducing office workers’ reliance on paper. This sets the stage for more sophisticated document management systems to take form.

Our Document Management System Partnerships Generate Value

Kelley Imaging uses digital-first thinking and years of expertise in the field of network infrastructure and workflow automation to deploy integrated document management solutions for our customers. Our team reinvents business workflows by combining high-impact technologies developed by our partners.


ABBYY develops optical character recognition solutions for business documents. The company’s comprehensive software development kit package allows businesses to integrate optical character recognition into any compatible process system.

This allows organizations to capture text directly from paper documents and transform them instantly into digital documents ready for processing and editing.

ABBYY’s software development kit solutions include solutions for structured documents and unstructured documents alike, and even supports the use of mobile phone cameras for instant automated PDF creation.

This can improve a variety of processes throughout the office environment. It makes accounts payable easier to manage by automating the processing of invoices. It makes customer service easier to integrate by allowing customers to hand in paper documents - secure in the knowledge that their requests will be processed just as quickly as a digital form.

2. OnBase by Hyland

Hyland’s OnBase technology protects organizations and their customers from security threats. It offers automated security compliance on a single platform that manages enterprise content, processes, and communications.

OnBase is a comprehensive solution for enterprise content management, business process management, and records management. This combination of high-impact organizational tools allows organizations to focus less time to slow and unpredictable manual processes.

When integrated with ABBYY optical character recognition capabilities, it allows for on-demand document transformation and conversion with state-of-the-art security throughout every department. It is an equally powerful tool for accounting and finance departments as it is for large government institutions.

3. DocuWare

DocuWare is a powerful software platform solution for reducing the amount of paper organizations create, and often waste, on a daily basis. The developer offers its groundbreaking document management system as a complete Software-as-a-Service (SaaS) cloud-based solution and as a flexible on-premises or hybrid option.

DocuWare supports mobile applications and establishes world-class security for documents and processes that take place on smartphones and tablets outside the office. Our team has the expertise needed to offer seamless integration with enterprise content management solutions like OnBase, allowing our customers to enjoy state-of-the-art automation with easy deployment.

DocuWare offers businesses the ability to index documents intelligently. It can automatically determine the most important document keywords in a given text, allowing knowledge workers to find those documents easily whenever needed. Versioning and non-destructive editing is a default feature, and rules-based routing makes communication simpler than ever before.

Improve Processing Speed, Security, and Efficiency

Document management software can radically transform business productivity by eliminating some of the most expensive contributors to downtime in the modern office environment. When every employee enjoys instant access to the documents they need, processing customer requests and forms becomes a simple, easily repeatable task.

Improved processing speed and security can turn complex business processes into simple tasks. Efficient document management processes eliminate the risk of misfiling documents and significantly reduces the amount of time employees spend looking for them.

Kelley Imaging solutions allows businesses to capitalize on advances in document management, becoming more streamlined and more capable than ever before. By integrating multiple developers’ offerings into a single unified platform, we are able to offer our customers better, faster, and more secure workflows.

Are you ready to take control of your organization’s document management system? Have Kelley Imaging implement a state-of-the-art solution today!

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