What Can Toshiba Elevate Do for Office Workflows?

What Can Toshiba Elevate Do for Office Workflows?

User interface design is important. A great user interface reduces the amount of time and training it takes to get things done. In an office environment with many employees using a single piece of equipment, that time multiplies into significant savings.

But in most print environments, a large, centralized printer gives employees access to a single interface and home screen. This is a hidden problem for office employees who often spend more time at the printer than necessary.

Toshiba’s latest line of eStudio multifunction devices address this issue by establishing user-specific printer interfaces that are customizable. This means that every individual user in your print network can set a unique home screen with the commands he or she uses most often.

Modern Workflows Need Customization

Office employees often have a difficult time navigating one-size-fits-all printer interfaces. Whenever an employee changes a setting, it affects every other employee who uses that device. Workplace efficiency relies on individual employees being able to establish their own office workflows.

But with standard multifunction printer interface technology, this is not possible. Instead, most multifunction devices force users to compromise on a single user interface and home screen for everyone.

This leads to additional compromises. For instance, while simple commands for printing and scanning documents are likely to remain on the top menu, more complex macro commands will be necessarily dragged down to various submenus and remain underutilized.

The problem is that most office workers need to perform complex multi-step commands. An example of a complex multi-step command would be scanning a document, running optical character recognition on it, transforming it into a .PDF file, and sending it to a specific cloud storage folder.

This is a very common command in today’s increasingly digital office workplace. But the specifics vary – one employee may need to send files in the .TIFF or even .JPEG format, while another may have a specific email address to send files to.

If every employee has to input this specific information every time they scan a document, wasted minutes quickly snowball into non-productive hours. Toshiba Elevate solves the problem by giving each user their own customizable home screen and interface

Toshiba Elevate: User-Specific Customized Workflows

Almost every office worker has to perform complex multi-step tasks as part of their daily routine. Toshiba’s Elevate platform allows each individual user to establish their own multi-step commands and assign them to their own home screen.

The immediate practical benefit of this approach is that every user can create unique multi-step commands and assign them to a single button. This puts cutting-edge process automation in the hands of every employee who uses your Toshiba eStudio multifunction printer.

Setting up a multi-step command is easy. All a user has to do is to run the command manually once, and then save it as a home screen icon. Now, the user can simply click on that icon in order to run the command again with a new document.

The Toshiba multifunction printer interface also allows for variable data processing within the context of customized multi-step commands. For instance, if an employee has a five-step workflow to complete, but needs to input specific names, numbers, or destinations on two or three of those steps, the Toshiba eStudio can automatically bring up those variable data fields and make entering the data easy.

At the same time, no other user is impacted by any of the changes a specific user makes. A single employee can change the printer’s home screen and print configuration settings without affecting usage for anyone else on the team.

Additional Benefits Toshiba Elevate Offers

The ability to establish custom multi-step workflows represents a powerful advantage for busy offices where large teams share centralized print assets. But there is more to the Toshiba Elevate interface than that. User-specific print management allows for even greater benefits down the line:

  • Enhanced Security and Logging. With every user’s print order logged, it is now possible to trace print events down to the individual user who ordered them. This improves security by allowing management to investigate security incidents and determine who printed sensitive materials, and when.
  • Print Auditing for Efficiency. Office managers need to know who the biggest print asset users in every department are. User-specific custom workflows and print asset tracking make it easy for management to identify users who are misusing company resources or overusing print consumables.
  • Complex Finishing Options. If you equip your Toshiba eStudio multifunction printer with optional finishing add-ons, you can create customized workflows that include finishing options like stapling, folding, and hole-punching.

Invest in Toshiba Imaging Technology

If your employees need unprecedented personalization options, effortless simplicity, and customized imaging assistance, Toshiba equipment may offer exactly what you’re looking for. Transform your workflows with user-customizable print equipment today.

Ready to learn more about how Toshiba Elevate can help your office achieve more? Talk to one of our specialists to find out.

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