What Other Industries Require Wide-Format Printers?

What Other Industries Require Wide-Format Printers?

What do billboards, posters, decals, and window films all have in common?

First and foremost, they are all the products of wide-format printers. However, they are also non-paper products of wide-format printers.

Although it's easy to think of all printers as essentially paper-oriented devices, there is no need for your business to limit itself to printing on paper. In fact, there are many industries that focus on printing large-format documents on other print media, such as vinyl and fabric.

Understanding the differences between these media is key to appreciating just how versatile today's best large-format printers are. There are industries that rely on special substrates to generate value, and a capable printer can be an invaluable tool in that process.

Wide-Format Print Options

Any company that relies on graphics can utilize wide-format printing to generate value. Some of the most popular use cases for large-format documents include marketing and advertising, as would be expected.

But the specific opportunities that best-in-class equipment offers are unique, as are the potential benefits of scaling production. When printing costs are measured in square feet instead of pages, there is a clear benefit to finding the most efficient means of producing durable high-quality images.

Advertising Agencies

For an ad agency, wide-format printing can open up new possibilities for engaging consumers with their clients' brands. The ability to creatively place rugged outdoor posters and printed materials in novel locations at low cost makes a clear argument in favor of purchasing your own wide-format device.

HP DesignJet Z series printers support printing on self-adhesive vinyl, making them an ideal solution for printing free-standing signs and vehicle decals as part of a wider advertising campaign. The Z series wide format printers are ideal for the thickness and variety that unique surfaces require. There is always room for a wide-format printer in the advertising agency space.

Marketing Agencies

Using wide-format printing in marketing agency settings creates new opportunities for marketers to address consumer needs through the products they market. For instance, consider that HP wide-format devices support printing on double matte PET film, which is the same plastic widely used in food and beverage packaging.

Printing directly on product packaging surfaces can help marketing clients reduce the amount of money spent on manufacturing while increasing the effectiveness of product marketing campaigns. Waterproof pigment-based inks ensure that the result print holds fast against environmental damage and fading.

Graphic Design Firms

Graphic designers often find themselves creating designs intended for print. What if you could show your clients hardcopy versions of their print prototypes without having to outsource to a print shop? The potential to make on-the-spot changes to print orders while working off an authentic hardcopy can be a powerful value differentiator.

HP wide-format printers are well-known for their production speed and accuracy. A wide-format printer in graphic design lets designers quickly create multiple prototypes using a wide variety of print media to show clients exactly how end deliverables will turn out.

How the HP PageWide XL Serves Business Needs

The HP PageWide XL is the most productive plotter system available today. Its unparalleled speed, cost, and color support make it a great option for graphics printing in situations outside the print house.

By using pigment-based ink, the PageWide XL provides laser-like precision and fade resistance while offering the kind of color depth reserved to inkjet printers. Each individual pigment is a tiny particle, up to 100 nanometers in diameter, that carries color to your substrate of choice and holds it in place during the printing process. Once applied, the pigment remains securely embedded in your print media.

The ability for PageWide XL printers to print between 8 and 30 prints per minute provides a stable foundation for imaging growth in any industry. This device holds the record for offering users the fastest production rate in the industry and does so while offering best-in-class print quality.

Your business can open up new revenue streams by investing in wide-format printer technology. Look for opportunities to create posters, decals, and billboards out of novel materials so that your print deliverables outperform and outlast the competition. The world of wide-format print is not limited to construction and manufacturing.

Need help choosing the best wide-format printer for your industry? Find out which one suits your needs best – talk to one of our experts today!

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