What's the Difference Between an HP DesignJet & HP PageWide XL Printer

What's the Difference Between an HP DesignJet & HP PageWide XL Printer

HP makes some of the best wide-format printers on the market, but which is the best option for your business?

Choosing a large-format printer requires research. There are many options available, and the team at Kelley Imaging can help you decided which features and capabilities represent the most value for your business. 

For many future HP printer owners, the question comes down to comparing the HP PageWide XL printer, the HP Designjet Z-Series and the HP DesignJet T-Series.  All of these are highly capable wide-format printers that deliver high-quality prints, but with key differences that will guide the buying decision.

Use this HP printer comparison as a reference for your purchase. Whether you are looking for a low-cost wide-format print option or a powerful photographic printer, you will find it in HP's product lineup with help from the team at Kelley Imaging.

Introducing the HP DesignJet T-Series

There are more individual product models in the HP DesignJet T-Series than there are in the PageWide XL lineup. The T-Series spans a broad range of print devices, from accessible entry-level printers to high-definition professional multifunction printers.

All of these printers feature wide-format compatibility for media sizes between 24 and 44 inches. This makes them ideal for creating seasonal banners, photographs, blueprints, maps, and more. Some of the most important DesignJet printer models include: 

  • DesignJet T120. This is the entry-level model. It supports mobile printing using four high-quality inks in CMYK configuration. It offers Wi-Fi connectivity and prints a single page in 70 seconds on average. It is a popular choice due to its small form factor (it fits on a desk) and affordable cost.
  • DesignJet T3500. Developed to be the most productive, most cost-effective MFP in the DesignJet lineup, the T3500 meets the demands of almost any IT team, and meets all of your wide-format, black-and-white or color printing requirements
  • DesignJet T2530. Create a D/A-1 size copy in 21 seconds with the T2350. Developed with designers and developers in mind, this HP DesignJet Wide Format printer renders in precise, vivid color.
  • DesignJet T930. This 36-inch printer is one of HP's finest devices. It uses six inks and prints at a rate of 21 seconds per page. Choose between a PostScript-enabled version and a more affordable non-PostScript-enabled version. Both print directly from smartphones, tablets, and USB drives with no extra configuration necessary. This model also offers a built-in stacker system.

Introducing the HP PageWide XL Printer

The PageWide XL is the most productive plotting system available for technical and CAD printing. This makes it an important asset for businesses that need to print blueprints, technical drawings, and other large-format documents that aren't color photographs.

In the past, CAD printers were almost all exclusively monochrome printers. But the PageWide XL offers color compatibility that significantly improves the quality and readability of wide-format technical documentation. This is not the same depth of color offered by the DesignJet series, but it is enough to create compelling color documents that are attractive and easy to read.

Furthermore, the PageWide XL offers a savings of up to 50% in total production costs. This makes it the best option for any business looking for a cost-effective solution for large-format printing.

It is a secure, reliable, and energy-efficient device that offers the full assortment of modern print features.

The speed and affordability that the PageWide XL offers makes it a powerful tool in any business' arsenal. However, it is best suited to meet the needs of industrial and CAD drawing print processes. This is the first device you would want to use to create highly accurate maps, blueprints, or production sketches.

The HP PageWide XL family includes printers ranging from the speedy 4000/4500 models with their 30-second first page out to the 8000 series and its ability to produce technical documents up to 40-in. wide. Whether you work for a high-volume architecture firm or a government office, there’s a PageWide XL multifunction device that’s ideal for your needs. 

Introducing the HP DesignJet Z- Series

The latest addition to the HP DesignJet family, the new Z-Series provides high quality graphics, pigmented inks for outdoor applications, and photographic printing functionality. In addition to the improvements in overall quality, the Z-Series is also engineered to print 2.5 times faster than the DesignJet Z3200 while using less ink.

Both the Z6 PostScript and Z9 PostScript are available in 24-in. and 44-in. formats with onboard vertical trimmers, new HP Pixel Control color technology, and an updated poster application. The Z6 is ideal for geographic prints and water- and fade-resistant large-format prints. The Z9+ delivers photographic print quality that can only be described as staggering. If your growing firm requires high-definition prints or uses complex files, the new Z-Series provides greater precision and needs less ink.

Still not sure which HP wide format printer is the best choice for your growing organization? Talk to the experts! Kelley Imaging can help you deploy the right printer for your firm's needs.

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