Which Types of Media Can Wide Format Printers Print On?

Which Types of Media Can Wide Format Printers Print On?

Wide format printers can do more than create outdoor signs, construction drawings, and blueprints. Although these are major uses cases for wide format devices, they do not represent the current state of wide format technology.  If fact, most modern wide format print devices can print on a broad variety of specialty media.

Some state-of-the-art wide format printers can print on nearly anything so long as the media fits within the dimensions of the printer hardware itself.  The opportunities with printing media are as endless as the ideas and creations that designers can produce.

Examples of Media Types

Different wide format imaging devices operate in different ways.  In large format printing, there are the tradition laser-based as well as aqueous printing along with UV, Latex and Solvent technologies rounding out the field.    Each technology base requires specific media types and very specific coatings to assure premium quality and compatibility.  Trust a reputable imaging professional to guide purchasing decisions for all specialty wide format printer supplies.

Adhesive Vinyl

Adhesive vinyl is a pressure sensitive adhesive backed vinyl  with a smooth surface which provides for high quality imaging and easy mounting to a variety of rigid and flexible substrates including walls, windows, foam or gator board, stainless steel, aluminum, Plexiglas, floors, vehicles and many more.   The adhesive varies according to the type of surface that is being adhered to and the surface coating varies according to the machine that it’s being imaged on.  (Available for Aqueous, Latex, UV, Pagewide and Solvent)

Banner Vinyl

Banner Vinyl is designed for extra durability and vibrant color Imaging.  This material withstands harsh outdoor environments making it ideal for banners, billboards and other display applications. Most banner vinyls are fire retardant for indoor applications.  The different coatings for the various technologies enable fast drying and provide a high degree of scratch resistance making it easy to use.  Banner vinyl is available in both matte and gloss surfaces. (Available for Aqueous, Latex and Solvent)


Canvas provides a wonderful medium for those looking to enhance their office décor, home or workspace with fine art, giclee and photographic quality prints.  Canvas offers the same elegant appearance as an original oil or watercolor painting, and the special coatings allow for further “artist embellishment” with the addition of the artist’s own unique brushstrokes on the printed canvas.

Canvas comes in a traditional matte surface as well as a semi-gloss (satin) surface.  It is available in a variety of thicknesses as well as 100% cotton and cotton/poly blends. (Available for Aqueous, Latex, UV and Solvent)

Roll-up Banner Material

Roll-up banner material is a common sight at trade shows, professional conferences and shopping malls.  This printed material issued inside a permanent or retractable banner stand for a wide assortment of marketing applications.  There are a variety of medias used for this applications, all with the intention of providing high quality, eye catching images while maintaining a flat surface and anti-cur characteristics.

Available in gloss, semi-gloss and matte surfaces as well as polyester, polypropylene and vinyl base medias.  Coatings and base materials to vary according to the print technology being used. (Available for Aqueous, Latex, UV, PageWide and Solvent)

Backlit display film

Backlit film is used for applications such as menu signs, general backlit signage, retail advertising, tradeshow and installation graphics.  This type of film is most commonly made of a premium polyester base, which provides excellent stability and longevity.  The coatings provide water, scratch and fade resistance combined with vibrant, high quality images. High Gloss, matte and semi matte surfaces are available as well as coatings for standard as well as reverse image graphics. (Available for Aqueous, Latex, UV and Solvent)

Window Vinyl

Windows are proving to be a natural, built in source of advertising graphics and there are varied styles of self-adhesive media for this application.  Clear, White and Matte surface films are a great way to project your image with the matte & white surface on an outside mount and clear surface on an inside mount with a reverse printed image.  On these outside mounted products, an over lamination is recommended. 

Perforated or One-Way vinyl is a premium window vinyl that works with holes to allow the image to be seen from the outside and just a “tint” seen from the inside.  It is a great way to produce advertisements without hindering the view from the interior. (Available for Aqueous, Latex, UV, and Solvent)

Have Kelley Imaging Power Your Wide Format Printing Processes

Fitting the right media type to the right printer and using the right wide format printer toner for the desired result is no small challenge. Print providers that want to deliver best-in-class solutions to their customers need to rely on the guidance of world-class imaging experts when acquiring equipment.

The most advanced wide format print hardware is within reach. Speak with a Kelley Imaging print specialist and find out how you can start printing on specialty media today.

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