Why Mobile Printing is Important to Your Organization

Why Mobile Printing is Important to Your Organization

Learn about the key role of mobile printing and why it’s important to have in any organization-the technology has been increasing productivity at rates that can’t be ignored. Here’s what managers should know about mobile printing and why they need it.

The Rundown on Mobile Printing

For some, secure printing from smartphones may feel like a foreign concept. The ability to manage print jobs from a smartphone is one thing, but to do so securely is another. No other company in the Pacific Northwest can provide the same level of security with their mobile printing solutions. 

How it Works and Stays Secure

Perhaps one of the greatest concern managers typically have concerning mobile printing is security. They are understandably concerned about just how secure mobile printing really is and what sort of risks are associated with the technology.

They can rest assured however that the technology is largely safe and with Kelley Imaging, they’d have state-of-the-art security capabilities. There’s nothing to worry about and much to benefit from, here’s what mobile printing can do and how it can impact an organization.

Mobile Printing, Benefits and Solutions

Mobile printing can have a significant impact on any organization, making them more flexible, productive, and professional. Offices worldwide are benefitting from employees unfettered by traditional equipment and free to manage print jobs from across the office while completing other important tasks.

It allows staff to start print jobs and continue working on other tasks while away from their desks. Having that kind of mobility in a workplace is becoming essential, especially for sales intensive businesses like auto dealerships. Rushing to a backroom to print out documents while leaving a customer unattended for too long can cost a sale.

With mobile printing, the same car salesman can start printing from their mobile while still engaging with the customer. Mobile printing is as close as they are going to get to being in two places at once.

Advantages of Xerox Workplace Suite, the Ultimate Tool in Mobile Printing

The Xerox Workplace Suite is the successor to Xerox Mobile Print and brings a whole new plethora of features making it the ultimate tool in mobile printing. Businesses of all sizes can benefit from using this equipment, here’s how. 

Device Compatibility 

Some of the key advantages of the Xerox Workplace Suite include cloud-based mobile access to printing fleets. The Suite has the best in security and convenience, and is compatible with:

  • Linux OS
  • iOS devices
  • Windows Surface
  • Windows OS
  • Android
  • Mac OS
  • Google Chromebooks

The range of compatibility between operating systems makes the Xerox Workplace Suite highly stable and easy to use.

Superior Security

The Xerox Workplace Suite features special content security software that prevents data loss and the theft of intellectual property. The system can send alerts when misuse of documents is suspected and deliver a message to an administrator.

Additional controls are provided by the machine that allows firms to monitor and identify which users facilitated the machine and what they used it for. Controls like this help keep sensitive business information secure and out of the wrong hands.

It’s not worth the risk to be without data protection and the security of having a managed network service. Being without this protection is a liability that most firms can’t afford.

Significant Cost Savings

The cost savings associated with the Xerox Workplace Suite as well (as Xerox MPFs and other equipment) are substantial. Reports can be generated to outline the most and least expensive printing areas down to the machine. In helping firms understand their printing expenses, these reports can be used to produce guidelines regarding the use of company printers. 

Make the Most Out of Mobile Printing Technology, with Kelley Imaging

Kelley Imaging can offer the best mobile printing setup in the Pacific Northwest and stands above their competitors as a company that customers can trust. Part of what has made Kelley Imaging so successful over the years has been the way they treat their customers.

Everyone is always well taken care of and if it doesn’t work well, they don’t sell it. Kelly Imaging offers only the best and most effective solutions to its valued customers. Experience the Kelley difference, call today.

Have a chat with Kelley Imaging and start enjoying the best that mobile printing technology has to offer!

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