Why Mobile Printing Services Are Tailored for Universities

Why Mobile Printing Services Are Tailored for Universities

No modern university can serve its student without investing in an abundance of technology. This ranges from classroom devices to their actual network.

It also means optimizing essentials like printers. Even as the world becomes progressively more paperless, there are still plenty of times when students and faculty members need to print. That’s when it makes a big difference to be able to offer them mobile printing services.

How Mobile Printing Services Work

Mobile print services for universities let students and faculty members use their smartphones and tablets to schedule print jobs. This includes what they’ll print, what format they’ll print it in, and where the print job will happen.

The 4 Benefits of Mobile Printing Services

Cloud print is an excellent investment for just about any organization. However, it’s becoming the standard at universities for the following four reasons.

1. More Room in the Budget

Every university has to keep a close eye on its budget. This is especially true given the drop in funding that has occurred over the past decade and shows every sign of continuing.

While there are many ways to keep printing costs down, mobile printer services should be considered one of the most effective. That’s because it can significantly reduce the number of printers, servers, and other lab devices universities need to purchase, maintain, and often repair. It also means spending less on powering these machines throughout the year.

This represents money that can either go back into the universities budget for another time or can be used on pressing demands. Either way, at a time when money is tighter than other, mobile printing services represents immediate relief for your budget.

2. Free Up the IT Department

University IT departments are responsible for a wide range of priorities. None of them are trivial. Many staff members are usually required to help students with their technology issues. Others are there to offer the same kind of help for professors and faculty members. Still, other IT professionals are tasked with keeping a vast network running. If it goes down, every member of the university will suffer until that changes.

Unfortunately, many IT staff members also find themselves regularly doing the rounds to see what printers and related equipment need repairs. Often, they were never formally trained, which means they’ll be spending even more time away from where they’re most needed.

Fewer machines mean fewer instances where IT professionals are required to leave other priorities behind to work on these devices.

3. A Better Student Experience

It should come as no surprise that today’s prospective students embrace technology. This generation isn’t new to cloud print. Most of them would have a hard time remembering when it wasn’t a standard option. Despite their digital familiarity, they still prefer to read printed documents, however.

This makes mobile printer services a pretty obvious requirement for modern universities. Your students still want to print out their required reading a lot of the time. However, they also want to be able to do it using the latest technology: by accessing printers through their mobile devices. Having to actually go to the library, wait for an open computer, and print documents that way is outdated. In fact, for some students, that would be the first time they’ve had to do it the “old-fashioned” way.

Furthermore, it means they can send their print job to the most convenient location. Whether it’s the printer nearest to their dorm or the one by the cafeteria they’ll go to later, this makes for a much better student experience.

4. Greater Environmental Sustainability

More and more Americans agree that going green is essential. Younger generations are especially passionate about being environmentally-friendly with how they spend their money. Has your university adapted? Many schools already have by going green, including Cornell, Stanford, UC Davis, and Loyola Marymount University.

One incredibly simple way to show your student body that the planet is a priority for your university is by investing in environmental sustainability. By using mobile printing services, your students no longer need to purchase their own printers, cartridges, or paper.

Our team of experts can also audit your school for any places where waste occurs. For example, they’ll find where unnecessary waste is occurring and identify which machines are outdated, redundant, or underutilized.

Best of all, when you team with us for mobile printing services, you can also become part of our PrintReleaf program. Over the years, our clients have helped offset the equivalent of more than 8,500,000 standard sheets of paper by reforesting over 1,000 standard trees.

Empower Your University with Mobile Printing Services

Today’s universities are expected to do much more than just offer a top-notch education. They’re also supposed to do it by investing in the latest technology.

One of the easiest ways to do this is with mobile printer services. It’s convenient, cost-effective, and good for the environment. If you’d like to learn more about how cloud print can benefit your specific university, contact us today.

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